Warriors Never Quit!

Customized Individual Fitness Plans (virtual training)
*Only $20 

Receive a full scale custom user profile, custom program design and accountability from a Certified Fitness Trainer. 

Our convenient mobile platform allows you to take your carefully designed workouts right into the gym with you!

1. Complete our online "Free Fitness Analysis"

Once completed, your copy is sent to your email and our Certified Fitness Trainers receive a copy in our system.

2. Our Certified Fitness Trainers Evaluate Your Analysis

The first step in designing your program

We evaluate your analysis to get a general idea of where you are, where you want to be and what path we will take to guarantee you succeed.

3. Your New Trainer Calls You For A Meet

Let's discuss all that you desire and agree on how to get you there

Your Trainer will take into account everything you've been through, your likes, dislikes, abilities and any limitations you have. With this information and your passion to succeed, your Trainer will design a program that's perfect for you as an individual and motivate you to feeling your best.

4. Results Start Today 

Start, Persist, Succeed

From here on your fitness plans will be available right on your mobile device (and in your personal online profile) for you to review, complete and even communicate directly with your Trainer. Each plan includes pictures, videos and instruction for each movement. Your program will be super easy to follow, report and save for later review. 

This is an ideal program for those who want detailed guidance toward fitness goals with convenience at a low cost!

(Fitness Plans can also be printed to paper upon request)

*$20 is the total cost of a one week program including initial consultation, personal online profile, program design and monitoring. 

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